"La Señorita Jolie", in other words (a combination of Spanish and French), "A Beautiful Girl".  Clothes and accessories should enhance the "pretty girl" that you are, yet your beauty should come from within.  

Founder/Creator, Jennifer Dixon grew up in the south, lived abroad and in New York City for 14 years working in fashion (contemporary and designer) and returned to her southern roots in 2013.   Jennifer launched "La Señorita Jolie" as a salute to simplicity, southern charm, and influences abroad.  The LSJ HQ is in Jennifer's home-town Charlotte, North Carolina.

Working in NYC and traveling often for work over the years, she learned a lot of about retail, styling, design, trends, and fashion.  She wanted to use these experiences to empower women with the tools they need to be a successful "pop-up stylist" and create business opportunities nationwide.  

A lover of glamour, albeit a self-professed "t-shirt and jeans" girl, she found that women tend to spend more time in casual wear and women love new opportunities to pursue a career on their own terms.   Jennifer saw this as an opportunity for a new twist in the social selling marketplace and LSJ has already created major opportunities for women wanting to build their own business!  LSJ offers a curated collection of casual, affordable and chic garments to their shoppers in a fun "party-plan" environment.  The average price point is $34 versus $80 of other direct-selling companies.  

"Styling" LSJ is a great way to make extra spending money, work part-time, or build a full-time flexible career. 

Fashion Lessons 101:

Lesson 1: Wearability, a great fit, and versatility are essential components to any garments that are staple wardrobe pieces.  

Lesson 2: Dry cleaning is expensive. (LSJ clothes are washer and dryer approved!) 

Lesson 3: "Less is More".  Value is everything and simplicity is often under-rated.

Lesson 4: Mix high and low price points for a chic look. Even celebrities don't wear all designer; they mix expensive items with less expensive casual pieces.

Lesson 5: You need experience to get a job in fashion.  (Hint, hint apply within for your first fashion/styling job for a resume builder!)  Start your career and business today!

Lesson 6: "Life is not a dress rehearsal". What are you waiting for?

Consisting of cozy fabrics the LSJ curated pieces are all easy to wear, easy to care for, easy to pack, easy to layer and easiest to fall in love with!  LSJ's mission is to create part-time and full-time jobs for fashion forward women!  If these are the kind of clothes you live in and love; join us in the revolution!

Background: Growing up around her family's textile plant in North Carolina, casual wear design and production are second nature to Jennifer. After college, Jennifer lived in Europe where her style and creativity were heavily influenced by her experiences abroad.  Passion, sophistication, simplicity and a no nonsense attitude are common threads in European women that she embraces whole-heartedly.  Jennifer co-founded "Hunter Dixon," a contemporary women's line in 2006.  The line has been carried in over 200 boutiques nationwide, SAKS, Neiman Marcus Cusp and Anthropologie.  

Philosophy: As travel is such a large part of Jennifer's background and inspirations: the tops, casual wear and totes are all pieces that you can take easily pack in an a suitcase and take anywhere in the world.  They are endless colors and perfect for layering for any occasion. The simplicity of these pieces is symbolic of all of the women who are enjoying the flexibility to work from anywhere with "La Señorita Jolie".  

LSJ Stylists can work from any zip code, any time zone and most importantly on their own terms.  "La Señorita Jolie" is about simplicity, pretty things, and most importantly cherishing your beautiful life