Warm up for the Fall Debut

Warm up for the Fall Debut

Never thought we’d say it, but it’s almost that time where we gotta replace the swimsuit with leggings and sweaters. You want to be prepared when 65 degrees feels like 20 and you definitely want to look 💯


Model Melissa Littlejohn is rocking our Ruth sweater.. This outfit literally looks like October.

By Helen Woolard on August 17, 2017

You can do just about ANYTHING in 60-75 degree weather. Sweater weather is only chance you can layer up colorful clothes, cuddle with your boo thing and drink pumpkin spice lattes. So don’t take Fall for granted and stock up on some outfits that favor toward your personality. It may be August, but September is when the leaves begin to turn and September is only fifteen days away. Shop LSJ’s new Fall collection now and get these beauties before they sell out.

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Many ways to wear this blue stunner. With a belt, or without? With a sweater or without?
This blue Rainey dress wears well with the tan reversible Gigi Belt and Ruth sweater. The Rainey will be available in September so stay tuned!

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 12.00.32 PM.png
Speaking of sweater, this one even has a place for your thumbs! Twiddle me that. This Ruth sweater is a must-buy!

Anyone have a thing for lounge pants that fold down at the waist? Perfect to compliment those that think they are too tall or too shoot or even right in the middle.

Tassles aren’t only for the summertime. This black Esmeralda top brings the FUN to the outfit.

Man oh man, we love this outfit—perfect for showing off your legs, but keeping it loose on top. Our pink Natalia top compliments the Winnie Active pants perfectly.

We predict that this black Gretchen dress will be our biggest seller because I mean, look at it! Flattering in all the right places.

This sassy Taylor jumper even has pockets! C’mon what’s not to like?

We figured out that you can wear our Taylor  jumper at least three different ways. We dare you to find three more ways.

More of a neutral person? This grey Reina top and the Matilda skirt  is completely elegant and perfect for the LSJ lady.

Business casual or casual business? Our white, yellow and pink Marigold button down top is for work and play.

Look at these cute baby doll Maria dresses in both blue and black (well this one is officially sold out). If you were lucky enough to scoop one up this summer, it’s a great layering piece!

Now sparkle up those outfits with a little bling!

1. Linda Necklace 2. Silver Threads Necklace or Bracelet  3. Mallorca Mesh Earrings  4. Victoria Necklace 5. Katelyn Earrings

For that extra sparkle, get these Starburst earrings. Head-turner guaranteed.  Sneak peek - this will be out in September!


Thanks so much for reading with us today. If you have any questions about our Fall clothing line, or if you would like to meet a local stylists, please feel free to give us a call at +1.980.237.4725. We’d love to chat with you.  



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