I can. I will.

I can. I will.
Patti is a breast cancer Survivor and an LSJ Stylist. This month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 15% of the purchase price from our "I Can. I Will." shirts will go towards the YSC (Young Survival Coalition) to support her team’s bike ride on the Tour de Pink West Coast. Below is more from Patti on her journey and what "I Can. I Will." means to her.

Photos by Samantha Rickman Photography @srickmanphotography

"In just a few days I will be on my trusty bike riding somewhere between Thousand Oaks and Santa Barbara for the Young Survival Coalition. As breast cancer awareness month starts to come to an end, think about how wonderful it would be to have a Tour De Pink bike ride celebrating a cure for breast cancer.

This will be my sixth year riding in either the East Coast or West Coast Tour De Pink. I am fortunate & grateful to still be in the “no evidence of disease” category. With that in mind, as I pedal through the West Coast my mind will be on those who are battling the disease everyday, those who have lost their battle and for all the co-survivors supporting their loved ones. This is what will keep me pedaling forward. #ican #iwill"

Patti, "I met all of the women on my 'Feel My Buckeyes' team through the Young Survival Coalition & we are linked for life. These are the faces of young survivors and co-survivors. Co-survivors are those who support us during our cancer journey. Co-survivors are often the forgotten ones during the month of October. Co-survivors not only have to deal with a loved one being diagnosed with breast cancer, they are often the ones taking on more responsibilities on the home front, work front and may have even included carrying a baby for friend who was diagnosed. In some ways, we are all co-survivors since we all know & have supported someone diagnosed with breast cancer. Please, please take time this month to acknowledge a co-survivor... thank you to all of you who have supported me on this ride!"

Patti's teammates (shown below) sport their "I Can. I Will." shirts, as many of them get ready for their ride!

Tracy Severt DyckmanLinda Larkin Mielcarek and Ilsa Lund

Wendi Holley and Kathy Bohley

Entire East Coast Team (Including husbands who rode). Go Team!

By Jennifer Dixon


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