The LSJ Springtime Box

The LSJ Springtime Box

The LSJ Springtime Box

The only way to pack your favorites.


By Helen Woolard on April 12, 2018

Okay, who gets excited when they see a package at the door? Even if it’s something you ordered yourself, it still feels like Christmas when you see that little cardboard piece of heaven. La Senorita Jolie is now offering a chance for you to feel like that four times a year  (or once if you feel so inclined) with their inaugural LSJ Springtime Box.

These boxes are merely pre-assembled treats like clothing, jewels and smoothies where you don’t have to do any thinking and just trust the taste of the LSJ CEO, Jennifer Dixon. Why should you get the box? Because not only would you be opening a box of things you’d actually use and wear, you’d also be supporting small-business entrepreneurs all over North Carolina.

If you’re anything like me and you’d rather spend your money on other people or  loved ones I recommend thinking about this box with a gifting perspective. It is a great and easy way to give a gift to your mom on May 13th or your children for graduation or birthdays! There’s nothing like the feeling of giving the perfect gift like the LSJ Springtime Box!

Retail Value for one box’s individual items is over $200.

As a Customer or Stylist you can be set up for a one time box, or as an quarterly auto-ship. There is no pressure to do a subscription but it's nice to have an option.

Price of the Box:


Contents of Springtime Box.

  • Clean Juice - Free Smoothie or Juice (Based in Concord, NC) Locations Nationwide! Retail $4 - $9

  • Fashion & Compassion Freedom Lanyard (Based in Charlotte, NC). Retail $18

  • LSJ Canvas Pouch "On My Way", "Love Maker Soul Shaker". $25 Retail

  • Webinar with CLT Wellness Coach, Kellie Lecka (Based in Charlotte, NC). Retail $75 - $100

  • LSJ Piece of Stainless Steel Jewelry. Retail $39 - $55

  • LSJ Printed Workout Tank (Choose your Size). Retail $29 - $38 (Choose Size XS- 3XL)

  • "GoMacro" Bar. Retail $4 - $5

  • The Farmer & The Belle Candle (Based in Mooresville, NC). Retail $8 - 10

  • Coupon for a one-time purchase of an LSJ Item for 40% off Retail.

Want more? Consider these Stylish Kit Options:

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