Jen Dixon's Summer Necessities!

Jen Dixon's Summer Necessities!


“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”
The only way to survive the cold of winter is to live with this mindset. CEO Jen Dixon lives her life with optimism and grace and shares with us, what’s on her list this Spring.  


April 20, 2018   | Written by Helen Woolard

Spring is the time we feel alive! With these rising temps bringing in shorter skirts and off-shoulder tops, you can’t help but feel like pollen is actually a good thing. Because pollen = Spring! After dustin’ off my Spring clothes, I know one thing, I’m ready for my skin to not match my white pants…

Time to get out of winter hibernation and sprinkle some sunshine on us. CEO, Jen Dixon shares with us her spring favorites because shoot, it’s spring.



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