Our CEO Jen Dixon shared the LSJ story on #smallbusinesswednesday on Fox 46 this week!  Here's the full story. Stay tuned for more #BTS (Behind the Scenes). Interested in Being your own Boss, earning money or just getting discounts on Clothing & Jewelry? Contact us for more information: Check out what's going on in November for Customers and Hosts:
Meet the Sisters behind LSJ Jen | Co-Founder & CEO ⦾ Julia | Co-Founder & VP of Operations   By: Helen Woolard Insta-chic and confidence-absorbing, La Señorita Jolie has inspired many women on the world wide web. Co-founders and sisters Jen and Julia Dixon launched LSJ in the Fall of 2014. Their goal is to spread the message behind La Señorita Jolie, which translates to “A beautiful girl.” Together, these women tell Helen Woolard the secrets to fashion, LSJ and the family business. JEN DIXON | Co-Founder & CEO Fashion DO:...