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La Señorita Jolie (LSJ), in other words, "A Beautiful Girl"

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La Señorita Jolie (LSJ), in other words, "A Beautiful Girl" is a combination of French and Spanish.

Jennifer Dixon, Founder/CEO, lived abroad and in New York City for 13 years working in fashion before returning to her southern roots in 2013. Back home in Charlotte, NC with much experience under her belt including co-founding "Hunter Dixon," a contemporary women's clothing line in 2006, Jennifer began to pursue a new dream and business model with La Señorita Jolie.

Our Philosophy: A casual twist for the "t-shirt and jeans" girl, LSJ offers a quality curated collection of casual, affordable and chic garments in a fun, relaxed environment. Cozy fabrics make up the LSJ curated pieces so that everything is easy to wear, care for, pack, layer and easiest to fall in love with! The simplicity of these pieces is symbolic of all of the women who are enjoying the flexibility to work from anywhere with "La Señorita Jolie".

Our Why: Our exclusive stainless steel jewelry collection known as the “LSJ Delicates” collection was introduced in October 2014. These pieces reflect the same casual, understated look of the LSJ Clothing, while also delivering messages of inspiration important to LSJ. Interested in LSJ? Contact your local Stylist to begin the Journey today!

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